Who are we?

Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) is a specialist clinical pharmacology unit, with 145 beds in a purpose-designed building, close to an NHS hospital. Since 1993, we’ve provided industry-leading services to pharmaceutical companies for Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

In 2001 we set up our own laboratory, and over the last 7 years we’ve built up our range of services so that we now offer a wide variety of specialist analytical techniques.  In January 2009 we moved to new premises with state-of-the-art facilities including:

  • Automated sample handling, sorting, and storage
  • Fast sample delivery to the laboratory from the wards via pneumatic tube transmission
  • Storage at 4°C, –20°C, –70°C, and liquid nitrogen; continuous temperature monitoring
  • Sophisticated laboratory information management system
  • Data export in sponsor’s format
  • Swipecard-control access to all areas
  • Licence and facilities for handling radioactivity

Our vastly increased capacity supports multicentre trials and trials done in other research units.  The central laboratory is gaining a reputation in its own right.

Competitive pricing, fast communication, excellent quality standards, and on-time delivery of results, are key features of our service.  We also offer investigator support specifically tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.

We have a well-established team of experienced Biomedical Scientists with Health Professional Council (HPC) registration, and who participate in the Institute of Biomedical Scientists (IBMS) continuing professional development (CPD) programme.

Other equipment includes:

  • BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer
  • Helena AggRAM platelet aggregometer
  • Dade Behring PFA-100 platelet function analyser
  • Speedvac SPD 121P concentrator and freeze dryer
  • BioMAT2 class II safety cabinet
  • Triturus automated ELISA analyser
  • Siemens Immulite 2000 immunoassay analyser
  • Beckman Coulter DxI 800 immunoassay analyser
  • Beckman Coulter DxC 600 random access analyser (+ 1 backup)
  • ADVIA 120 haematology analyser
  • Qiagen Symphony aytomated DNA and RNA extraction
  • Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q real time PCR machine
  • Instrumentation Laboratory TOP300 coagulation analyser
  • Waters Acquity H-Class UPLC analyser
  • Seward 3500 stomacher
  • PerkinElmer Oxidiser 307
  • PerkinElmer Envision plate reader
  • PerkinElmer Tri-Carb 3100TR low activity liquid scintillation analyser

Large menu of clinical laboratory tests:

  • Safety pathology – extensive range of tests
  • Biomarkers for kidney, heart, liver, gut, peripheral tissue, lung, inflammation and immunology
  • Method setup and validation as required
  • Same methodology for the life of a clinical trial
  • Whenever possible, same reagent lot number used for the life of the trial
  • Own established reference ranges, based on a large population of healthy volunteers